Things are Humming in the Bee Yard

The Horse Chestnut is in full bloom and its a wonder to watch and listen to all the bee activity there.  Honeybees just love the pink and yellow blossoms!

Less than six weeks after installing new 2 pound packages in five new hives, the second super was added to three of the new hives yesterday.  The first deep brood box has been drawn out in comb on eight to nine of the frames and the bees need more room to grow.  It is important not to add the second brood box too soon as the bees natural tendency is to move up and its possible they would move up and not finish their work in the first brood box.  It is also important not to wait too long or the bees will decide they are out of room and that it is time to swarm.

Now that the second brood boxes have been added the feeding has come to an end for these three hives.  One of the remaining hives is not quite ready yet and I am giving them one more week to work on drawing comb out in the bottom brood box.  They were given feed and a warning to get with it.  (smile)  The fifth hive has another issue all together.  Some how this hive lost its queen.  It could be she wasn’t healthy to begin with, or its always possible she was injured during a hive inspection.  This is something I take great care in making sure she is not rolled (crushed between frames when replacing them) or otherwise injured and I don’t know that I have ever injured a queen during an inspection, but there is always a first time.  Anyway, I new queen was installed in this hive and she should be released today based upon the amount of candy left in the queen cage.  The loss of the queen will certainly set this hive back and it may not provide much honey, but that is secondary to losing the hive itself.  Ultimately this hive should be alright.

Enjoy your holiday weekend and drive safe.


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