Are You Poisoning Bees?

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I’m willing to bet the majority of people reading this post have taken a stand in support of the honeybee and want to see the plight of the honeybee improved.  I’m also willing to bet the majority of folks reading this are unknowingly using products containing neonicotinoids, specifically products containing imidcloprid, thiamethoxam and clothianidin.  I would like to hope I’m wrong, but simply based on personal experience, I don’t believe that to be the case.

The latest study to be completed clearly demonstrates the danger these chemicals pose to the honeybee.  The study by the Harvard School of Public Health in Cambridge, Massachusetts strengthens previous findings.

Neonicotinoids are commonly associated with corn and soybean crops where a clear connection has been made with the use of these chemicals and CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder).  What has not been in the news and therefore missed by many honeybee supporters, even those who keep bees themselves, is the fact many common household products used around home to control insects contain these deadly poisons.

Merit, Adonis, Criterion, Bayer, Premis, Bomide and termite and roach bait brands are just some of the common brands.  And did you know that the termite control products usually state the ingredients are active and will kill termites for up to five years.  If it will kill a termite I’m sure the chemical can kill a honeybee.

So when your done reading this, head to the garage and check the label on whatever insecticide you might have sitting around and you may be surprised to find that you are spreading a neonicotinoid that is killing the honeybees that come to visit.  Lets all do what we can to help the honeybee.  Honeybee populations in the U.S. are down nearly fifty percent in just the last decade.  And one more thing, though I don’t want to ruin your appetite, if you looked into the neonicotinoids, (not to mention many other chemicals) contained in food imported from China, you’d never buy another food product from China, well, that is if your concerned about your health.

My best to all of you and thank you for reading.  Buy local, buy organic and get to know your local beekeeper.


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