Spring is Officially Here!

ImageNo I haven’t misread the calendar, today was the first day I observed pollen coming into the hives.  Each day I take a trip to the beeyard to see if the bees are gathering pollen and today I saw it.  Kind of a beige color and most likely it is from pussywillow, which is usually the first to get up and going around here.  Aspen will be along soon too.

Steady progress is being made on preparing equipment for the new beeyard on the other side of the mountains and in my own preparations to present the class.  Some have commented about how much work it is, but is it really work if you love what your doing?  I don’t think so, in fact if I had it all to do over again, I might just have made a career out of beekeeping.

Anyway, after just one week of advertising we have signed up 13 people for the bee class I am holding.  That’s exciting and it looks like we might get as many as the 25 we are limiting the class size too.  Going to go over hive equipment, beekeeping equipment and some of the products that come from bees.  The class schedule looks like this:

–   Why do we need bees and what has been happening to them

–  The bee Life cycle

– Types of bees (races)

– Honey and why its not all the same

– Other products we get from the hive

– How to get started

– You’ve ordered bees, they’ve arrived, now…How do you get them in the hive?  (There will be three hives so this will be demonstrated three times.

– You’ve got bees in the hive, now what do you do?

– Question and answer time.

If I have time I may try to cover these items here in this blog.

While I’m excited about the quick and early signups (still 5 weeks until the class) I’m not that surprised.  People are becoming more aware of the value of bees and what they do for us, and how their numbers are declining at alarming rates.  This all fits hand in glove with more and more people looking to buy healthy, locally grown food and to know the people growing it and how they grow it.  The two go together and as the interest in one grows it also seems to grow in the other.


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