For Lack of a Queen Bee

Yesterday the sun was out and the temperature approached 60 degrees.  The bees were loving it and I opened up the hive I recently lost so they could rob honey out of it.  It appears I lost the queen in the hive that died out.  Not quite sure why, could be mites, but I’m suspicious that yellow jackets may gotten the queen.  They were hanging around this hive more than any of the others so its possible, but really, I’m just guessing. 

The hive I lost came from a split and sometimes when you force a hive to make a new queen they don’t produce the healthiest queen while doing it in a hurry.  It’s just hard to say because she was very productive.  The hive was stuffed with bees this summer and I even got a little honey out of it, so I go back to being suspicious of the “destroyer” yellow jackets. 

Did you know that in the fall yellow jackets are producing nothing but queens.  A hive will be filled with hundreds of them.  They will fly off and find a place to winter all alone.  Under your eves, in the cracked bark of a tree, a rock wall or possibly even your attic space.  in the spring these queens will find a place to build a new nest and begin repeating the cycle.  Yellow Jackets you see in the spring are most likely new queens.

The sunny day brought out the bees in my remaining five hives and it was a delight to see the air full of bees and the hives quite active.  I know they all have good stores of honey for the winter and solid numbers right now.  With any luck they will all see it through until spring.

That’s all for now.  Tomorrow I will be at the local book store for a book signing of my book Truth’s Blood.  It’s my first book signing and I’m looking forward to it.  If you want to check it out you can find the book at the links below.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  


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