Old Fashioned Raspberry Jam

Did you know most fruit contains its own pectin?  That’s right.  There’s little reason to add pectin to make your fruit jell and if you don’t add pectin you don’t need to add as much additional sugar.  Adding less sugar will be viewed by most as being healthier, but there’s an additional benefit that is often overlooked.  When you add sugar you dilute the natural flavor of the fruit.  Using the recipe shown below we will use less sugar and you will find a surprising intensity of flavor coming through that is entirely unexpected.  I think you will find this to be the best jam you have ever made.


– 8 generous cups of raspberries

– 3 cups of sugar

1. Place your berries in a large stainless steel or enamel saucepan.  Bring them to a hard boil for one minute, stirring constantly.  You can mash the berries if you like but we have found they pretty well break down on their own.

2. Add the sugar and return the mixture to a boil.  Continue boiling until the mixture will form a jell, probably 10 minutes or a little more.

To determine when the mixture is forming a jell you can test by doing the following.  Dip a cool metal spoon into the hot fruit mixture.  Lift it out and away from the steam and turn it horizontally.  Initially the liquid will drip off in a light syrup, later, the drops will be heavier.  The jam is done when the drops are very thick and two run together before falling off the spoon.

Filling Jars – We usually fill our jars with hot water to pre-heat them and prevent cracking which can happen when the hot raspberry liquid is drop into them.  Pour out the water and fill each jar to within a 1/2 inch of the rim.  Be sure and wipe the rim clean to remove stickiness before placing a lid on the jar.  Tighten the band on the jar until fingertip tight.

Processing – Your water bath should already have been heated to near boiling so its ready to receive the jars of jam.  After placing the jars in the water bath be sure the water level covers the jars by one to two inches.  Cover the canner and return the water to a boil.  Begin timing when the water begins to boil.  Process for 5 minutes.

Remove the jars from the canner and place on a surface covered with towels or newspapers.  Allow to cool for 24 hours and check that jars have sealed.  (sealed lids turn downward)  Label and store in a cool dark place.

This recipe makes about 4 pints of jam.  

I think you will be delighted by the intense fruit flavor this recipe yields.


One thought on “Old Fashioned Raspberry Jam

  1. yourperfectburn

    I Have so many raspberry vines in my back yard, its a full time job just to keep them contained. I love them, and I think I will try this out once we thaw out and the raspberries bloom.


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