The Storm

100_4071ImageHad quite the storm here yesterday.  Thunder, lightning, which we all enjoyed very much, but also lots of rain, which is these parts is rare.  Streets flooded, lakes formed and most of us, (all but the sun worshippers) welcomed the rain.  We only get 8 or 9 inches a year here in Central Oregon and we got about a tenth of it in a matter of minutes yesterday.  I admit that for most folks getting 7 or 8 tenths of an inch, even in just a few minutes isn’t much of a big deal, but in the desert, it is.

Living in such a dry climate means a person can look forward to rain with great anticipation and really embrace it when it arrives, knowing full well that one of our 300 plus days of sunshine will soon be upon us, usually in a matter of minutes.  Today its sunny and the plants are all soaking up the nitrogen enriched moisture that fell from the sky yesterday.

Though some hail fell with it, there is little damage to the garden and I’m including a picture of the Amaranth that is still standing at the front of the garden as proof.  The grapes survived too and I anticipate beginning the harvest this afternoon or at the latest, tomorrow.


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