Seasons are Changing


It’s still hot out but you cant help but notice the days are getting shorter.  Fall is not in the air just yet, but it soon will be.  It’s rare when we don’t get a frost in late August.  I’d have to check my records but I don’t think we did last year, so maybe we will be just as lucky this year.  The garden of course is loving it, providing us an abundance of organic goodies that grace our table each and every day. 

The grapes love the warm weather we are having and are coming along nicely, but the most recent crop you see in the photo above.  My wife brought in her harvest of onions.  We have been eating Walla Walla sweets all summer and there are a few in the photo, but as you can see, most of these are yellows and reds.  She immediately planted back – something we have never tried this late in the season.  That was about 10 days ago.  After looking at them this morning I have no doubt we will have a second crop, smaller, but definitely usable and something we can use up first while storing the main crop just taken in.

I don’t believe there was a single maggot found in all those onions and of course no chemicals are used.  Early in the season when the fly that lays the maggot eggs is about, we keep the onions covered.  As the season progresses and the cover is removed, we monitor closely and as soon as maggots are spotted (if they are) we sprinkle on Neem seed to deal with them.  Works like a charm. 

So  while the onions dry and the newly planted onions take a run at giving us a small fall crop, the cool season crops have also been planted so we may continue enjoying fresh greens long after summer is past.  With a cover (cold frame or garden cloth) those greens will last well into early winter.  Along with the carrots we winter over in the ground, fresh salads will continue for some time to come.

One of my favorites this time of year is the Sun Gold cherry tomatoes.  I feast on them (and a few raspberries) daily.   They put the old Sweet 100’s to shame.  If you haven’t tried them make a note and get yourself some Sun Gold tomatoes in the garden next spring. 

Of course there’s a lot of other bounty this time of year and I know you gardeners out there are enjoying the fruits of your labors.  May the late August frosts stay a safe distance from your gardens and your tables be blessed with the greens, reds and yellows pouring forth from our garden cornucopias for many weeks to come.


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