The Wrath of Grapes


Its that time of year when the bounty of the garden is really pouring in with more of the various plants beginning to yield their crops.  Last night I enjoyed one of my favorite treats of the season – a bowl of fresh picked raspberries, with a sprinkling of sugar, drowned in cream.  Oh my!  It’s that time of year when the second crop of raspberries begin to come on and they are always the best.  Big, plump and full of flavor.

The latest from the garden are the grapes.  Most are not ready yet, but the Concord is beginning to ripen up and if you don’t get there quick, the birds will take away your seasons efforts.  A fresh seedless concord is a mighty tasty treat and we aren’t ready to share it all with the birds.  They get plenty of raspberries anyway.

The Concord and a Himrod grape grow over an arbor that sit at the end of the garden.  Bird netting can be a pain to deal with and each year its been a bit of a struggle to cover such a large area, but last nights job went pretty well.  Using the same PVC framework we used on the apple tree, we set it up and pulled the netting over the top to cover everything.  It worked well, but the frame stands to tall and we needed to remove it after the net was in place.  We decided that next year we will erect just one frame of PVC on one end of the arbor and pull the netting across it and over the top to the other side of the arbor.

If you have grapes, you need to cover them or the birds will  make off with your crops and now is the time to get the netting on.  For those of you who have grapes, consider getting a steamer/juicer.  You put the grapes in the top, the steam breaks them down and the juice flows to the bottom where you drain it off into fruit jars for canning.  I’ve provided a link below so you can see what they look like, but you can pick them up at Bi-Mart.

I hope your grapes are doing well and for those of you who haven’t tried growing them yet, give it a try.  They are quite rewarding.


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