The Sweetest of the Sweet!

Wow!  Only one way to describe the honey I just harvested.  Easily the best I have ever gotten.  “Intense” is the way my wife described it.  Lots of berry flavor, but as has been the case with our honey, there are a lot of other under tones to it as well.

The sad part was that when I removed the box with the honey, I found very little honey underneath in box two.  That was kind of surprising, but there is still time for these girls to get with it and store up what they need for the winter.  Besides, we always lose some hives and there will be honey I can use to supplement this hive if need bee.

I probably got into the hive a little early – lesson learned, but it will all work out.  Good good stuff and I hope the rest of what I get is as good as this first taste!  It’s draining through the screens right now.  Very hot in the garage and that will help.  Then I will bottle up what we get, keep some for ourselves and begin meeting the orders we have to fill.

I’m so stoked!  Ready to add another 4 hives or more next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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