Just Call Me Peach Fuzz (follow up to Solar Powered Garden)

There’s only one word for it – Amazing!  The Solar Dryer is Amazing!

Today I moved the dryer from a place on the lawn to a gravel path.  It was my wife’s idea (she is the brains of this operation you know) and I think the grass was lowering the temp of the air flow that comes into the bottom of the dryer.  Yesterday I measured temps of 125 to 130 inside the dryer and today I had temps of 160 to 165 – yet the outside air temp is only 5 degrees warmer today.  Temps inside the dryer do tend to drop when you put in fresh fruit full of moisture.  There is a door on the back of the unit that adjusts air flow.  Though temps are lowered by opening it, I think you want it open to some degree when new fruit is added to assist the air flow and remove the moisture.

I was checking the peaches on and off during the day today and by 3PM they were completely dry.  I pealed them off the racks and quickly prepared the next batch and filled the dryer again.  You couldn’t ask for better drying.  The fruit is perfect and can be stored in a canister of some kind instead of freezing, which we have done in the past.

Today I tried thicker slices of peaches.  This will be a learning experience so I’m kind of testing what the limit is.  Yesterday I was careful not to make the size of the first batch to big, but they definitely could have been thicker.

Based on my experience with the first batch of fruit I couldn’t be more pleased.  No doubt you could dry meat in this unit also.  If you interested in this product (I’m in no way affiliated with them) the companies web links are in the blog I posted yesterday.  I’m quite pleased and think it is well worth the money if you use it for the long term.



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