Dog Days of Summer


I haven’t written much about the bees lately as this is the time of year you just let them do their natural free born thing.  Make honey.  With honey supers on every hive we are set to go until the first of August when I’ll check and see where things are at.  The beeyard is a very busy place and I stop in frequently simply to watch them come and go.

Things would be different if my hives were not treatment free.  This is the time of year people begin mite treatments, which is nothing more than placing strips of insecticide inside the hive to kill the mites.  Of course anyone who has been following this blog knows I refuse to use any kind of pesticide in or near my place.  I might lose a few more hives but the honey I get is pure and natural and isn’t that what its all about?

Recently a company was caught illegally importing Chinese made honey which in addition to containing chemicals was being cut with high fructose corn syrup to make it go further and reduce the cost.  Chances are, the honey you have been buying in the supermarket was from this source.  With this supply now taken from the market, some increase in price may be seen and certainly, as awareness of this case grows, REAL honey, made without corn syrup or pesticides will be in greater demand.

While we let the bees do their thing I still spend time with them in the raspberries.  They hover very peacefully about while we pick.  This is the time of year the berries come on big time and we collect them just about every other day.  Sweet sweet raspberries – so hard to beat!  Occasionally a bee will land on my hand.  We share a common bond, hanging out in the raspberries and I always allow them to crawl around and get to know me.  Not once have they stung and we continue to share the raspberry space together, perfectly comfortable with one another.  Its how I got into beekeeping in the first place.

Yesterday Carolyn picked her first cabbage, a nice plump purple one.  The beans are still flowering but are beginning to take shape and the grapes are plumping up nicely too.  Of course we have been eating salads from the garden for months.  Carolyn is about to put in her last batch of carrots which we will grow and then use throughout the winter simply by covering them.  you’ve never had a sweeter carrot!

Burley is perfectly in tune with the Dog Days of Summer as you can see from the photo, and we will be also when we visit the Winthrop Blues Festival in another week or so.  Have a great summer all!


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