It Sounded Like a Swarm!

We’ve had rain here the last couple days and the bees have been kegged up inside their hives. Their numbers are up this time of year and I imagine its kind of crowded in there.

This afternoon the sun came out and I was outside checking over the garden damage from a marauding deer (range maggot) when the sound of bees began to fill the air. I immediately went to the bee yard and found the air full of bees and the noise level quite high. I checked each hive and none seemed like they were about to swarm. No bearding or nothing. Just tons of bees in the air.

I sat down and watched as the sun got brighter and warmer. The most its been in a couple days. Bees filled the air throughout the bee yard. It was impressive. I came to the conclusion they were just happy to get out of the hive after a couple days of rain because there was no other reason for what they were doing.

The amount of bees in the air was staggering, maybe because they were all coming out at about the same time. I sat and watched in awe. What a show!

Another oddity I will comment on because I’ve never seen it before. This year the aphids are going nuts. Plum tree is full of them and they are even on our oak tree which I have never seen before. Aphids produce a sugary substance that normally draws ants. This is the first time I have observed bees going to trees without flower one and working the “nectar” produced by the aphids.

Bees are amazing and a day watching them do things out of the ordinary is a true blessing.

On another note. If any of you have happened to read my book Truth’s Blood, I would really appreciate a review on Amazon. I am in need of more reviews there. Thank you.

Until the bees fly again, my best to you all.


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