Though this site is used mainly to follow my beekeeping activities and whats going on in the garden, it also contains information about the book I wrote and published in December.  I rarely use it to promote the book, but sales are improving and there are some very good comments coming into Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  I’ve even sold a few books locally after the owner of the local book store told me I’d likely have my best success placing the book in stores that don’t sell books.  “In a book store a single book can just get lost,” she says, “but it will stand out and catch peoples eye in a store that does not sell books.”  It made sense to me and I have managed to place the book in three local businesses. 

For a self publisher like myself, marketing is the most difficult aspect of producing a book.  Without tens of thousands of dollars to advertise its exceedingly difficult to “get your book out there.”  Still, the sales on line are encouraging and I thought I would share a few quotes people have left on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. 

One last comment.  It’s difficult for me to self-promote, just not in my character, but I do hope you will check the book out.  With few exceptions, I’ve received nothing but positive feedback.  And rest assured, there is another bee report coming up within the next week or so.   In the mean time, here are a few quotes, one from the book and the rest from readers.

A quote from the book itself – The house was dimly lit but orderly and well kept.  Throw rugs covered the living room floor, window sashes were neatly hung and faded pillows reclined on the couch.  Ahead and to their left was the kitchen.  The tile floor was neatly swept and dishes were carefully stacked on a drying rack next to the sink.   There was no one around, but clearly someone had recently been here.

Monk was checking the single bedroom and bath in the rear of the house when Cliffson discovered something odd.  In front of him, on the dining room table, were an ash tray and a deck of cards.  Two wooden chairs on opposite sides attended the wooden table and in front of each chair was a stack of chicken bones, one pile larger than the other.  The house was so neat and clean it seemed odd to find chicken bones left out on the table, no matter how slicked off they might have been.  He was gazing at the table when it dawned on him those weren’t chicken bones.  Cliffson reached down and picked one up.

“H-yah!!!” he yelled and flung the bone to the floor.  Monk appeared at his side and assessed the piles of bone lying on the table for moment before picking one up for examination.

“Uh-huh, finger bones and they was a using em for chips in their poker game.”  Monk gently set the bone back on the pile and with a whimsical look turned to Cliffson.

“Looks to me like they played a few hands too.”

Comments from online book stores –

Devastating, inspiring, intelligent and realistic

” I found myself completely immersed in this book, intrigued by the events as
they unfolded and, more often than not, questioning how `fictional’ they may or
may not be, or whether we’ll be likely to see (at least some) similar events
unfolding in our world over the coming years.  Cleverly written, author Tyler Roberts weaves an engaging story, backed by historical facts…all the more reason to wonder whether his tale is purely fantastical or a mere glimpse into our future. You will find yourself empathizing with the characters (whilst at the same time thanking your lucky stars you’re not in their shoes!) and, despite their hardships, feeling heart-warmed, too.”

Fantastic Imagery – “I found this to be a fascinating story that really makes you stop and think. I love the interplay with the family and friends. They really could be any one of
us. I wonder how any of us would really do in a situation like this. The writing
style makes the imagery so real that I sometimes forgot where I was.
Five stars for me.”

Entertaining and Intelligent – “I loved this story. It’s a very intelligent approach to sharing the lessons of history through a couple of cantankerous old gents in a futuristic setting. The
storyline is creepy, chilling and will keep you up late into the night turning pages even though some folks might be more inclined to read this in the light of day. Quite simply it is a great read.  This is an entertaining read. The writing is good and the characters well developed, in fact you will immediately fall in love with the character of Monk.  You will feel the fear, pain, suffering, the small joys and little victories right along with the characters. And as with all good writing, this is a book that will stay with you long after you set it aside. Go ahead, strap yourself in – it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

Title – “I really like the title. At first, I was unsure. I thought maybe it came from a
famous quote, but I couldn’t find one that was close enough to support that
theory. If not, I’m impressed- Man’s past is filled with truth’s shed
blood.  That’s a good quote.”

Creepy – “I’m a big fan of creepy and Truth’s Blood has no shortage of creepy. And no one
is safe. So if you have a favorite character, I wouldn’t get too attached. I like authors who make none of their characters safe.”

Colossal success for this debut author.  Immensely entertaining – “Colossal success for this debut author.  Immensely entertaining.  A page turner!   If you enjoy this kind of story then you’ll be captivated.  It’s a grand story and the characters will grab you, and who doesn’t find a book with great characters a good read?   Buy it and climb aboard for the ride!”


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