Checking the Split

By friday it will have been three weeks since taking the split from Phyllis hive. Remember that we left the old queen in Phyllis hive and the new bees will have to raise a queen of their own from the eggs we moved to the new hive. It takes at least 16 days for the bees to produce a queen from an egg. During that time they are queenless and if disturbed, they may abscond. (Leave) So we have been patiently waiting the necessary three weeks and on friday or saturday, depending on the weather, I will make an inspection of the hive to hopefully find a new queen. If I do, then the split has been successful and I have added another hive to the beeyard. At the same time I will also be checking on the hive where I replaced the queen to see how she is doing. So bee sure to check back this weekend for an updated report. In the mean time you can watch the Fat Bee Man video to see how a split (like the one we did with Phyllis hive) is made.


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