Long Live the Queen Part Two, A Beeks Kind of Day.

The kingdom is at peace and full employment has returned to the realm.  The queen has been released from her carriage and now rules over the joyous masses.  I was unable to meet with the queen today, she had more important things to do than meet with the local Beek, and its much too early to see signs of her laying eggs.  Still, the hive was as calm and quiet as a hive can bee.  A queenless hive does not act like that.  It’s citizens will be agitated and on edge, making an unmistakable roar.  That was not the case today so this Beek is quite possitive the queen is securely ensconced on her throne, busy walking the halls of comb and filling each vacancy with a fresh new egg. 

After nine or ten days the larvae turns into a pupa and the cell is capped.  This is when we will know for sure the new queen has been doing her job.  She was placed in the hive five days ago.  Figuring it took at least a couple days to free her, all she could have done to this point is lay eggs.  We will return later in hopes of finding capped brood.  That will be the true sign the queen and the hive and functioning as they should.

After inspecting the hive that was requeened I decided to check out one of my new hives.  WOW, has this Carniolan hive ever been busy!  It is ready for another super.  (a box of frames for the bees to work on)  I was just getting the next super ready when another Beek arrived, dashing about my yard calling out for me.  Good fortune had blessed Phyllis the Beek with a swarm.  Swarms are too much fun – free bees!!!

After quickly putting the hive I was working on back together and grabbing my gear we were off.  Phyllis set a new land speed record getting back to her place in hopes of arriving there before the bees moved on.  The rest of story is on video on my facebook page.  Oh what fun!

After moving the bees from the tree they were in and establishing them in their new home, Phyllis brought me home, where upon I pulled out a quart of honey to close a deal Phyllis and I had made in a trade for the split I took from her hive last week.  She also bought a copy of my book “Truth’s Blood” to give to her daughter to read.  Phyllis started reading an ebook copy but said it was too scary.  I take that as a huge compliment.  She thinks her daughter will like it.  I hope so and I think you will too!

I then suited up again and returned to the bee yard.  Went through all the rest of my hives.  The queens were keeping to themselves today and I never saw a single one of them, but I’m not concerned, plenty of sign they have been busy.  So busy that I need to add more supers (see above for supers) to each of them.  Based on the amount of brood filling the frames, these hives are going to explode in the nest week or so.  That is excellant news as it means they are making good progress and that means the possibility of a good honey crop.  Much too early to count on that but all looks good at the moment.  Keep your fingers crossed, there are already customers signed up for five and a half gallons of my treatment free, (no chemicals like the commercial honey) all natural honey. 

Have a great week folks.  May your queens be productive and your Beek days bee the best.


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