Long Live The Queen

With great fanfare, applauding crowds and all the pomp of royalty status, the queen arrived yesterday on a bright and shiny brown UPS truck.  Given all the comforts due her position she was quietly moved to a dark place to rest and recover from her overnight flight so she could be fully prepared for the inauguration.  With four attendants attending to her every need, she was given a drop of elixir (sugar water) to help with her recovery.

When the outside temperature was at its peak, about 63 degrees, she was moved into the light of day and standing just a few yards from her new castle, immediately issued her first command – “As the new queen of this realm, I have just one rule, we will bee productive!  Consequently, I am ordering the immediate execution of queen “Lazy-Butt.”

The lowly beekeeper was summoned from the local brew pub and with smoker in hand he searched the castle until finding the queen hiding in a dark and lonely janitorial closet.  Guards did their best to keep the Beek (short for beekeeper) at bay, but they were held at a distance by his mystifying smoke.  The old queen, who apparently had no taste for laying but a few eggs a day, was taken to the chopping block in the woodyard and summarily executed.  Quick and painlessly of course.

The subjects within the castle were given about 40 minutes to adjust to the loss of their queen as her pheromone rapidly dissipated from within the palace.  (Bees quickly realize they are without a queen – but by waiting for a bit, we hope the masses are more accepting of the new queen.) 

Forty five minutes later, with banners flying and a great flourish of enthusiam, especially from the Beek, the queens carriage arrived and was quickly and deftly ensconced upon her throne.  Surrounded by her four attendants, the queen is screened from her enthusiastic devotees for her own protection.  Through the screen her followers will feed her until she is released when the candy plug that is all which stands between her and the masses is eaten away.  By then it is hoped and expected that the average joe worker bee will have accepted and recognized the new pheromone in the hive and the new queen will be honored to freely travel the hive and lay up to 3000 eggs a day, something the old queen refused or could not do. 

This is the time when all Beeks are nervous for acceptance of the new queen, so back to the brew pub.  She should be released in a few days and we will leave the hive alone for three to four days in the hope that all goes well and the new queen begins her rule without any uprising from the masses. 

I will give an update at that time.


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