I love the smell of a hot compost pile in the morning

I love the earthy smell of a hot compost pile in the morning. There’s something so grounding about it, something that ties you to the eternal cycle of dust to dust. And deep within the compost bin, where the heat is the greatest and the green and brown materials are combined in to one of the best soil amendments you can use, is a reminder of the limit of my time on this planet. Some might view that as downer, but taken in the right frame of mind it makes the smell of the serviceberry sweeter, the cluck of the chickens a beautiful melody, the sight of your dog bringing you his ball to play the greatest joy, the feel of a warm embrace from your spouse the greatest feeling in the world and the even the guy who drives by with the loud blues music sounds good enough to make you smile.

The days chores weren’t chores at all because they were enjoyed simply for the sake of doing them while the breeze tossled my hair and the sun caressed. The simple things in life trully bring the greatest joy, if seen in the right light. These are the moments worth living for, yet we all so often take them for granted until given the proper perspective.


1 thought on “I love the smell of a hot compost pile in the morning

  1. Notes To Ponder

    I love “surprise worms” – I find them when shoveling or raking leaves along the edges of my carport. I lift the surface to reveal a writhing mass within a layer of black soil. Better than Christmas. 🙂


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