Boomer Lit Friday

Welcome back to the Boomer Lit Friday Blog Hop for another glimpse from within my novel.
Thanks for stopping by. This cut reveals a little more about the character Monk.

The wooden porch complained, announcing their arrival and Cliffson felt a shiver run down his spine. Monk knocked loudly but there was no answer. He reached for the glass doorknob, found it unlocked and pushed it open.

The house was dimly lit but orderly and well kept. Throw rugs covered the living room floor, window sashes were neatly hung and faded pillows reclined on the couch. Ahead and to their left was the kitchen. The tile floor was neatly swept and dishes were carefully stacked on a drying rack next to the sink. There was no one around, but clearly someone had recently been here.

Monk was checking the single bedroom and bath in the rear of the house when Cliffson discovered something odd. In front of him, on the dining room table, were an ash tray and a deck of cards. Two wooden chairs on opposite sides attended the wooden table and in front of each chair was a stack of chicken bones, one pile larger than the other. The house was so neat and clean it seemed odd to find chicken bones left out on the table, no matter how slicked off they might have been. He was gazing at the table when it dawned on him those weren’t chicken bones. Cliffson reached down and picked one up.

“H-yah!!!” he yelled and flung the bone to the floor. Monk appeared at his side and assessed the piles of bone lying on the table for moment before picking one up for examination.

“Uh-huh, finger bones and they was a using em for chips in their poker game.” Monk gently set the bone back on the pile and with a whimsical look turned to Cliffson.

“Looks to me like they played a few hands too.”

Cliffson marveled how nothing seemed to rattle the man, like he’d seen it all before. “Looks to me like they were all losers,” Cliffson shivered.

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