Feel Like Dancing?

It’s friday and once again I am particiting in a blog hop for my book TRUTHS BLOOD. Below is an excerpt taken from the book following an attack on the Lang household.

Monk rolled his eye. For some reason it always reminded Cliffson of Marty Feldman.

“What’re we doin’ matey?”

“Feel like dancing?” Cliffson glared red eyed at the two Taser’s he held.

“Never cared much for dancing my friend, so what, may I ask, do you have in mind?”

“Thomas, you told me you overheard Hank’s conversation. He ordered the attack and you witnessed the payment. Am I right?” Cliffson asked.
“That is correct.”
“And you also heard that we were all to be killed, is this correct?”
“Yes sir, I heard those exact words,” Thomas replied.

“Then as much as my soul has already been rent, I cannot in good conscience stand by and wait for this to happen again. Hank’s intent to kill us is clear and I aim to put an end to this one way or the other.”


Hank was reaching for his shotgun when Cliffson drilled him with the Taser. Hank danced. Then Mona dove for the shotgun and Monk fired his Taser. Mona danced. It wasn’t the two-step and they weren’t really in time, but as Monk would comment later, “they both had some pretty fancy moves.”

Before Hank could recover, Cliffson put a foot on the back of his neck to hold him down. “First question Hank. Where can I find the rest of the men who attacked us tonight?”

“Go to hell.”

It was slurred but clear enough. Cliffson stepped back and touched off the Taser one more time. It wasn’t really break-dancing, but that Hank, he sure had the moves.

There are more great Boomer Lit authors’ blogs with juicy snippets of their latest work at http://boomerlitfriday.blogspot.it/ The snippet provided above is in context and part of this fridays blog hop. Enjoy


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