Friday Blog Hop

As I have done for the past three weeks, I am participating in a blog hop for my book Truth’s Blood. Below you will find an excerpt from the book. The U.S. capital has been nuked and the U.S. has been occupied by the Chinese. All citizens are to turn there silver and gold over to the chinese at stations set up in each community. Here you will get to meet Monk, one of the main characters in the book, and everyone’s favorite I might add. A week after the order was given to turn all gold and silver over to the Chinese, Monk visited the Langs to share some news. His “ham” radio hobby was becoming quite the asset. Monk has a bald spot on the top of his head, thus the name and only has one eye as a result of time spent in Vietnam.

Monk found Cliffson and Gary out by the pump house. “So how’s it comin’ fellas? Those hand pumps really take me back.”

“I’ll bet they do.” Gary winked and Cliffson chuckled.

“Careful there, girlies. You aint exactly spring chickens yourselves.” Monk quipped.
“We’re just taking inventory of what we’ll need,” Gary said.

“So what’s the latest news from the “hams” Monk?” Cliffson asked.

“Well, the word I’m getting is that a couple days after the Chinese nuked Washington, they began shutting down the power in all major cities along the east coast. There’ve been reassurances the power will be coming back on, but it’s been five days and folks are getting restless.”

A bit later they move inside to check on the knews…

Jean was turning on the TV when the three men walked in.

“Still got one of those old tube sets, Cliffson? The ones that take forever to warm up. You really should join the 21st century,” Monk chided.

“Oh, you mean that period of time history will record when everyone was so self-absorbed with social-disease media there was no time for meaningful conversation or real relationships? And no Monk, it might be old, but this ain’t no tube set.”

“Ha ha, well said, Cliffson. You know we’re both on the same page. Social disease media.” Monk said, more to himself than anyone else. “I like that one.”

There are more great Boomer Lit authors’ blogs with juicy snippets of their latest work at The snippet provided above is in context and part of this fridays blog hop. Enjoy


8 thoughts on “Friday Blog Hop

  1. Mutinous Boomer

    Well the irony of “social-disease media” and the fact that we wouldn’t be commenting on your blog if it wasn’t for SDM, absolutely HAS to be commented on! But, since most of us Boomers came to this way of communicating kicking and screaming (I know I did!), point WELL taken! Look forward to more next week!


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