That’s a quote from Truth’s Blood, as you will see below. This is our third week participating in the blog hop. If your here to follow the bees, just check down to the next article.

This weeks quote from the book is below.

“Man’s past is filled with truth’s shed blood. If only you would see it for what it really is.”

“Well Mr. Nelson, I think I see it quite clearly.”

“I don’t believe you do sir. To see the truth, you cannot be for or against, because the truth simply is.”

“Again, Mr. Nelson, it’s been a stimulating debate and as much as I would like to continue this discussion, we’ve run out of time for today. Class is dismissed.”

Nelson was immediately surrounded by Zombies. “What’re you trying to do dude? Can’t you appreciate a good thing? The government’s paying for everything these days, where do you get off taking an attitude like that?”

Next week I’ll feature the character Monk. Monk and Cliffson are the two main characters in the book. They are a couple of older men who freely speak their minds on just about anything you can think of, while in the midst of trying to survive the nations collapse. Such as Cliffson’s quote below.

“True science has long since fled the nation, to be replaced by political science; that is, the counterfeit, contrived science conceived by politicians, for the deception of the masses and empowerment of political elites.”

There are more great Boomer Lit authors’ blogs with juicy snippets of their latest work at The snippet provided above is in context and part of this fridays blog hop. Enjoy


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