2ND Friday Lit Blog Hop

Its that time again for the friday blog hop. For those of you who may come here expecting my latest bee update, just move down a couple posts. For today (friday) I am participating in a blog hop so individuals may come and read a snippet of my book “Truth’s Blood.”

For those of you who came here for the blog hop, WELCOME. You have found the right place. Just beware the bees. The sample excerpt below is from my book TRUTH’S BLOOD.

Shortly after midnight, at the Animas Valley border patrol outpost in New Mexico’s Bootheel, Buzz Peterson poured two cups of coffee and stepped into the communications room. His partner’s growing agitation was out of character.

“Steven what’s going on?”
“I can’t believe what’s happening. Seven border patrol stations are under attack.
“Are you sure?”
“It’s all over the radio. Every available unit including the National Guard is being called in to assist.”
The lights dimmed as the stations power switched to battery backup.
“Power’s out Buzz, we’d better go…

That ends the snippet from the book. If you want to read more you can check the “look inside” at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Through out the day I will be checking in, so feel free to ask questions if you like and I will make a point of answering each of them. I appreciate your support of self published authors.



Please note – This snippet is provided in the context of a Boomer Lit Friday Blog Hop and anyone interested in reading more snippets from talented Boomer Lit authors should go to the website organizing this blog hop: http://boomerlitfriday.blogspot.it/

You will find links to author Boomer Lit authors’ blogs with juicy snippets of their latest work and you will discover the vast range of Boomer lit, a brand new genre that is fast drawing attention across the Net.


11 thoughts on “2ND Friday Lit Blog Hop

  1. Sandra Nachlinger

    Yikes! Seven border patrol stations under attack and the lights go out! Is theirs station number eight? Sounds like there’s plenty of action in this book. I’m looking forward to reading it.

    1. Tyler Roberts Post author

      Thanks for visiting Sandra. Lots of action, and as seen through the eyes of the two old boys who are the main characters, very little is sacred and they take shots at pretty much everything. I’ve had a lot of positive feedback, its just difficult to get the word out, but slowly, that is happening too. Again, thanks for coming by.
      Have a GREAT weekend!

  2. Mutinous Boomer

    As you know, I enjoy your bee blogs too! And Truth’s Blood looks really good! I will definitely check it out even though I think it will give me the creeps! But, that’s the point, right?

    1. Tyler Roberts Post author

      To M Boomer, Certainly your correct, it is meant to give you the creeps. On top of that there is little that is sacred as the two old boys that make up the main characters take shots at pretty much everything. Thanks for visiting AND for checking in on the bees. Fun stuff coming with regards to the bees next month! 🙂

    1. Tyler Roberts Post author

      Michael, next month will have a lot more happening with regards to the bees. The weather warms up, they get a lot more active and I will be adding four packages of bees to new hives in the beeyard. Thats always fun and can even be exciting at times. Thanks for stopping by.


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