Upon stalling

What is so hard about putting paper to pen? Or keyboard to finger? Thought to paper or screen? I’m stalling. Easier to read blogs today than work on my own book. Where does the fear come from? Is it the gargantuan size of the project ahead, or maybe its the fact there’s an expectation to be better in the second book. Maybe it’s my frustration with the self-publishing company that is distracting me. Some days any excuse will do I suppose.

I have done a character sketch of a new character that will play a major role in the follow up book, so it’s not like there has been no progress, but I need to get started. Spring will soon be here and there will be more posts about bees, fruit trees and the garden and less time for writing.

One last note – the publishing company is supposed to be supplying a few bookstubs that will grant the holder a free ebook. To spread the word about my book and this blog I would be willing to give a bookstub to anyone who brings two or more followers to my site. I would also give a bookstub to the new followers (once the publisher makes them available to me). I know I have at least three to give away, possibly five. Bring the followers and I will try to obtain a bookstub for you and the new followers.


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