Trains rumbling in the dark

When a person is young they become well acquainted with the late night hours.  When a person gets old(er) they may come to know the wee hours of the morning as a welcoming friend.  And so it was for me today.  The neighbors Christmas lights blaze in the dark, illuminating the gentle fog that enshrouds my upstairs window.  Like some metallic dinosaur, a garbage truck prowls through the neighborhood, eagerly consuming yesterdays discarded joys.  In the distance I hear the familiar refrain of an old friend chugging north on steel rails – “are you there Tyler Roberts?” – and I reply in the affirmative. 

With the exception of the Christmas lights, its a familiar setting, and this familiar setting takes me back to comfortable old places and warm memories.  I’ve been here before, banging on these keys, writing my first novel as the world outside slumbers.  And so it is that these feelings draw me back to a place of imagination and the desire to begin again on a second novel – the follow up to my first book, “Truth’s Blood.”  I guess I hadn’t realized just how much I missed it, but the desire to write again calls out to me, much in the way the distant train tugs at the sinews of past adventures.  

After the book was complete there were months of editing.  “Edit, edit, edit,” the credo of accomplished writers, and so true I found it to be.  Final reviews of the publishers work and another round of final reviews.  Writing the back cover and designing the front cover, information for a press release, etc etc.  Mix in the holidays and it all kept me so busy and away from writing. 

So at 4 AM, on this snow covered January morning, the desire to begin again courses through my veins much like the train rumbling north on its tracks.  My own trip will be different though, for I cannot predict the exact destination, nor even the precise route to be taken.  All I know is that it’s time to begin again, to take the journey and see where the adventure ends. 

So climb aboard, settle in with a copy of “Truth’s Blood” and come along for the ride.  I invite you to join me in the conductors car and taste the rhythms of the ride.





2 thoughts on “Trains rumbling in the dark

  1. bowrm

    I am in the process of reading this book – should be done soon. It is one of those page turners you hate to put down. Wish I could read it at work, the darn job gets in the way. Probably will be up late reading tonight again. Thanks Tyler for the adventure!!

  2. Carolyn

    I have read the first novel and am anxiously awaiting the follow up! Can’t wait to see what happens to all my favorite characters, who have become such good friends!


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