The bees are sleeping so I wrote a book

Hesitantly, I am dipping my toes into a foreign environment.  Never in my life did I expect to write a blog.  Who and why would anyone be interested?  Well, it turns out some people are.  So with the garden tucked in for the winter and my bees snuggled securely in bed, I have completed my first book which is now on Amazon in both book form and as an ebook.  “Truth’s Blood”   You might want to check it out.


7 thoughts on “The bees are sleeping so I wrote a book

  1. kanundra

    I’m following you, and although the synopsis interests me, its a bit out of my price range at the moment. I’ll keep you in mind though. Are you going to kindle?

    1. Tyler Roberts Post author

      It is already on kindle for just 2.99. Just one more thing I learned about self publishing. It is basically print on demand, so when printing only a few books they cant spread the cost like they do when they print 100,000 or more. It was a real disappointment to see what the price was but I have no control over it. I did have the right to choose the ebook price and set it cheap. I have downloaded it to my own kindle so I know you can do it. You should be able to get it from Amazon.

      1. kanundra

        I’m from the UK, maybe it hasn’t got over here just yet. Yeah 2.99 is much easier on the wallet, thanks for that. I posted on the site to let you know I want it on kindle here too 🙂

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